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How to Take Care of Your Cast

What do I do if my cast gets wet?

If the cast is damp, blow dry down the cast with COOL AIR, NO HEAT. If the cast gets really soaked TRY drying with the blow dyer on a cool setting, if it is still wet please call our office for further instructions.

Can I use my cast to store my coins or keepsakes?

NO!!!! Coins or small objects can become lodged in the cast and cause damage to your skin. KEEP dirt, sand and powder away from the inside of your cast.

What if my cast starts to itch?

Never stick anything down the cast to scratch, once again use a blow dryer technique on cool setting. You may also use Benadryl. If itching persists contact our office. DO NOT pull out padding from your cast.

What if my cast feels like it is too tight?

Check circulation by applying pressure to the tips of the fingers/toes making them white. Then count to two and release pressure and fingers/toes should return to normal color.

If it still feels too tight, ELEVATE, if the first two steps do not help call our office. Inspect the skin around the cast. If the skin becomes red or raw around the cast call our office. Inspect your cast regularly. If it becomes cracked or develops soft spots contact our office.

Can I cut the cast off myself?

NO!!!! Cutting the cast off early can cause serious damage to the injury and your skin. The fracture could collapse or become angulated and require a extensive surgery.

Download the Cast Care Instructions